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My whole life has been devoted to art and creations. I learned to engrave at the Léon Mignon school of arts of Liège. Over the years I refined my technology. Later I converted those detailed, figurative scenes into hyper-realistic painting. 

I wanted to free myself from the constant urge for perfectionism and detail and decided to delve into abstract art. The intense use of colour, the contrasts and the fact that I am not bound by classic shapes gives me enormous expressive freedom. 

My works are journeys of discovery, for me during the creative process and for you, watching them. The layering and mix of styles, materials and thicknesses means that you can keep looking at it and always discover something new.

In a classic interior they add spice, in a modern environment they are a conversation starter. Each work is unique, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Would you like a custom work? That is also a possibility.

Hermine Pleters_foto: SabinePitrebois-internet-07.jpg
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